A showreel of some of  Parentheses Studio’s Favorite Projects.

Parentheses is an independent collaborative desgin studio based in Bengaluru and working globally, parentheses create design that transforms brands and businesses.

When they Rebranded to parentheses, they changed their website also, I (as a part ot of parentheses studio) wanted to make a showreel of few of studio’s favorite work. We are really excited at how this turned out.

My approach began with identifying the key parts of each project and then developing an unified visual language to showcase them in an engaging way. I paid close attention to pacing and timing to create a smooth flow between frames.

The end result was a dynamic and visually appealing showreel, that really helped me to showcase my motion design skills. Overall, it was a great rewarding project that allowed me to develop as a motion designer and create something truly impactful.